How it Works

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  • Defining Goals
    Defining Goals

    Together we work out ideas, clarify outcomes and develop goals. This will help us better understand your objectives and ensure consistency throughout the making of your video.

  • Research

    Research is paramount! We do an in-depth analysis of your target audience and competition to get a better grip on the subject matter.

  • Concept

    Now the fun part begins! Over multiple cups of coffee, our hard-working team will brainstorm and develop a unique creative concept that will ensure the best strategy for your video’s success.

  • Script & Storyboard
    Script & Storyboard

    Next, we work on the narrative by writing a video script that focuses on your brand’s message. The script then goes through the storyboarding process where we create a pictorial representation of the video.

  • Shoot & Edit
    Shoot & Edit

    All set, we can now begin with the filming phase where we capture your unique story through the camera’s lens. After filming comes Post-Production, where your creative concept brought to life through the magic of editing.

  • Impact

    It’s not over yet! Once your video is made our team will constantly review and track the content online to monitor its impact in order to measure success.