6 Ways for Creating Explainer Videos for the Education Industry

Ayush Aggarwal

15 June, 2023


Effective communication is essential in today's changing educational environment to keep students interested and promote learning. Explainer films have become an effective tool for teachers and educational institutions to break down difficult topics, make knowledge easier to understand, and engage students. Through the use of animated explainer videos, whiteboard explainer videos, and further video production techniques, the education sector may improve its pedagogical approaches and produce unforgettable educational experiences. This post will discuss six original approaches to producing explainer films for the educational sector that will transform the way people educate and learn.

1. Watching entertaining animation explainer videos

Explainer films using animation bring instructional material to life, grabbing students' interest and improving their comprehension. With the help of eye-catching graphics, vibrant characters, and lively animations, teachers can bring even the most difficult subjects to life for their students. Animated explainer films offer an immersive educational experience that captivates students and keeps them engaged in their studies, whether they are elucidating historical events or scientific processes.

2. Using explainer videos with whiteboards to simplify difficult ideas

Videos with whiteboard explanations provide an easy and eye-catching method of breaking down difficult ideas. Teachers may help students comprehend concepts better by breaking complex ideas down into manageable chunks using a marker and a whiteboard as the canvas. As students witness drawings come to life before their eyes, they become engrossed and motivated to learn more about the subject. Whiteboard explainer films turn education into an engaging exploration of new ideas.

3. Educational institutions' corporate explainer videos

Corporate explainer movies are a powerful tool that educational institutions may use to communicate their purpose, beliefs, and distinctive services. These films instil confidence and trust in prospective students and parents by stressing the institution's assets and exhibiting its facilities and resources. A strong marketing tool, a well-made corporate explainer film draws in potential customers and promotes a good company image.

4. Using product explainer videos to highlight items

Product explainer movies are a wonderful way to promote educational goods in the education sector, such as e-learning platforms, educational software, and teaching tools. Teachers and students will find it simpler to comprehend and make use of the product after seeing these movies, which clearly illustrate its features, functions, and advantages. Product explainer movies employ captivating images, lucid explanations, and realistic scenarios to enhance the items' attractiveness and persuasiveness to prospective buyers.

5. The craft of creating educational explainer videos

Making explanation videos of the highest calibre demands careful planning and originality. Through collaboration with an expert explainer video production business, educational establishments may realise their ideas. Working together with experts in the field of education guarantees that the films are customised to fit the unique requirements of teachers and pupils. An effective explainer video production method produces visually beautiful and powerful videos, starting with scriptwriting and ending with animation and post-production.

6. Enhancing your brand image with expert explanation videos

In the education sector, expert explainer videos are essential for building a strong brand presence. These films exude professionalism, knowledge, and a dedication to providing top-notch instruction. Professional explainer movies increase the institution's reputation and trustworthiness with parents, students, and other stakeholders by including testimonials, success stories, and unique selling factors.

7. Strategies for promoting explainer videos in the education sector

It is important to employ efficacious video marketing tactics post-creation to optimise the impact and outreach of explainer videos. Educational institutions may target their targeted audience and engage them with engaging video material by utilising social media channels. By posting the films on blogs, websites, and other learning platforms, you may raise the institution's profile and draw in additional students. Explainer video marketing is a potent instrument that may greatly expand the audience for and efficacy of instructional materials.


The education sector has transformed because of explainer videos, which have increased student engagement, accessibility, and enjoyment. Educators and institutions may clarify difficult topics, engage students, and improve their brand image by using animated explainer films, whiteboard explainer videos, and other video production approaches. The choices are unlimited when it comes to making professional, business, or product explainer videos. Accept the potential of explainer films and revolutionise the way that instruction is provided in the contemporary environment.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make an explainer video?
To create an explainer video, define your goal, script a concise message, design engaging visuals, select appropriate narration or voiceovers, choose suitable music, and edit the video for a polished final product.

What are explainer videos in an academic setting?
In academia, explainer videos are educational tools that visually simplify complex topics, aid in knowledge retention, and engage students. They are used to complement lectures, explain concepts, and enhance the overall learning experience.

What is the structure of the explainer video?
The typical structure of an explainer video includes an introduction, problem identification, solution presentation, benefits, and a call-to-action. It follows a concise and engaging format to maintain viewer interest.

What is the resolution of explainer video?
The resolution of an explainer video depends on the platform and intended use. Common resolutions include 1080p (Full HD) for online platforms and 720p for quicker streaming. Higher resolutions, like 4K, may be used for professional presentations.

What are effective strategies for creating explainer videos in the education sector?
In education, effective explainer videos involve clear communication, engaging visuals, concise content, and alignment with learning objectives. Use storytelling techniques, incorporate interactive elements, and ensure accessibility for diverse learners. Regularly gather feedback for continuous improvement.


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