The VAAK Process

Discovery Meeting

We Listen, We Create
Understanding Needs

In this engagement, we understand client's needs, objectives, and target audience. Key topics include the video's purpose, style, length, and key messages. This vital interaction establishes the project's roadmap, ensuring alignment between the client's vision and the team's creative execution.

Creative Messaging For Video
Creative Ideation

Creative ideation is a imaginative brainstorming process. It involves generating, developing, and communicating novel video concepts. Teams combine their creativity to conceive engaging narratives, visual styles, and emotional tones. The objective is to outline a unique, compelling story that resonates with the intended audience. Creative messaging for video shapes the video's overall vision and direction.

Video Content Strategy
Strategy Audit

Video marketing performance audit entails evaluating existing content and marketing strategies. This process begins by identifying the target audience, message, and desired outcomes. Current content is then assessed for effectiveness, alignment with goals, and engagement metrics. Insights gathered help shape future video production, aligning it more effectively with marketing objectives. It's a crucial step in refining a video marketing strategy, ensuring maximum impact and return on investment.

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Concept Development

Your Story, Our Brief
Creative Brief

Insights from the Discovery Meeting form the creative brief - a foundational document outlining the project's objectives, aesthetic direction, and potential strategies. This brief becomes the guiding star for the project, encapsulating the client's vision and facilitating the creation of a meaningful and impactful video.

Designing the Narrative Palette
Mood Board

Based on the discussion, a "Moodboard" is prepared, a visual tool comprising images, colors, typography, and other elements representing the desired aesthetic and feel of the video. This holistic approach streamlines production, ensures the client's ideas are comprehensively captured, and sets the tone for subsequent phases, including scripting, filming, and post-production.

Visualizing Through Words

Scriptwriting, the foundation of video production, involves drafting the screenplay or narrative that guides the entire project. It sets the scene, plots the narrative, defines characters, and indicates visual and audio elements. Scriptwriting serves as the blueprint, translating concepts into a tangible roadmap for directors, actors, cinematographers, and editors, ultimately shaping the video's final outcome

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Pre Production

Actors Meet Characters

Video production involves casting, where character profiles are created and actors are chosen through auditions or casting agencies based on their skill and fit. Contracts are negotiated and talent releases secured. Additionally, the process includes wardrobe and prop selection, where costume and prop requirements are identified, sourced, or created to visually represent and enhance the storyline, ensuring authenticity and believability within the narrative

Location and Props
Location and Props

Pre production process encompasses numerous steps including location scouting, where potential filming locations are identified, evaluated, and permitted. A comprehensive schedule is also formulated, detailing all stages of production and coordinating with cast, crew, and locations. Furthermore, set design and construction are integral, with the production designer conceptualizing sets in alignment with the script and visual style, sourcing materials, and supervising construction.

Sketching Soundscapes Visually
Audio visual script /Storyboard

It involves creating a written or graphical representation of all visual and auditory elements, including dialogues, sounds, and actions, that will occur in the video. This serves as the blueprint of the video, guiding the production process and providing a clear plan for what is to be shot, ensuring coherence and effective storytelling. It's an essential tool for visualizing the final product before actual filming begins.

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Film in location

The production stage encompasses the execution of the planned project. It involves filming the content with necessary equipment, directing the talent and team, managing the sets, props, costumes, and special effects. Every scene is carefully crafted and captured according to the script and storyboard. Sound, lighting, and camera angles are all adjusted for optimal quality, and raw footage is collected for post-production editing.

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Post Production

Precision in Cuts
Editing & Color-Grade Correction

In the Editing and Color-Grade Correction stage of video production, raw footage is meticulously reviewed and pieced together to create a cohesive narrative. Sequences are refined for optimal pacing, while sound effects and music are added to enhance the story. Color correction is performed to balance colors and lighting, and color grading imbues scenes with a distinct mood, ensuring the film's aesthetic matches the director's vision.

Harmonizing Vision and Sound
Sound design, music and scoring

In this stage the auditory atmosphere is crafted to complement the visual content. Sound effects, dialogue enhancement, ambience, and musical scoring are strategically incorporated to enhance the story's mood, tension, and emotional resonance, contributing significantly to audience engagement and the overall cinematic experience.

Error Checking Stage
Quality Control / Finishing

Quality control/finishing is a crucial stage in video production, ensuring the final product meets specified standards. It includes reviewing content for errors, checking visual and audio quality, color grading, rendering, and finalizing formats for distribution. This process confirms that the video aligns with the initial vision and is ready for the audience.

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Optimization & Distribution

Engaging Thumbnails & Captivating Titles

Video optimization for SEO involves employing tactics to increase a video's visibility on search engines. This includes keyword research and insertion, quality backlink creation, ensuring mobile compatibility, optimizing the video thumbnail and title, and creating engaging descriptions. SEO optimization greatly increases a video's chances of being discovered by relevant audiences online

Tailored for Every Platform

Digital distribution in video production involves disseminating the final video to various online platforms, like social media, video streaming services, or websites. The process involves optimizing the video format for different channels, ensuring copyright compliance, setting up monetization, and analyzing viewer engagement metrics for performance evaluation.

Driving Success through Strategic Ads

A carefully strategized marketing campaign is established to maximize the video's exposure and reach that is continuously tweaked according to the analytics and feedback from the initial viewers. It involves identifying target demographics, selecting the optimal digital platforms (like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.), and setting a budget. Choosing format of ads and profiling users tailored to fit specific demographics and to cater to particular marketing goals.

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