8 Things You Must Check Before Hiring an Animation explainer Video Production Company

Vani Aggarwal

9 January, 2024

blog/image1_3.webp Animation explainer videos are the most saleable on the market. Do you know why? They have the power to visualize and present ideas that may not exist in real life. Animation videos are a big hit with companies that deal with software or any cloud-related product. But now, day-to-day products have also started using animation to add a boost of creativity to their marketing videos.
Animation as a storytelling tool works like an eye-grabber, and it can boost brand awareness through rich visuals, fast transitions, and out-of-the box storytelling.
A brand can showcase its product in the most visually arresting fashion with animation explainer videos. But it's essential to hire the right band of creatives to get that killer video made. So here are some points to keep in mind before you hire an animation explainer production company.

1. Ask for their portfolio.

First and foremost, ask for their previous work, as this is the best way to know the team's capability, range of creative expression, and execution. You can find this on their website or social media nowadays, but if you are looking for something specific, don't shy away from giving a reference video and asking for anything they have done in a similar zone. While seeing the work, look for their unique style and whether this signature style can be the voice of your product marketing strategy.

2. Check for industry experience.

Animation is complex, and hence, it takes time for an agency to perfect it and then create a style of its own. Request the agency to showcase their work experience and which companies have worked with them earlier. Creative professionals tend to surprise clients with out-of-the box imagination, but it will be helpful to know if they have previous industry experience.

3. Understand their vision.

Ask for the team's vision of what they think will work best for your product. This vision can be about the story ideas, characters, voice artists, or the animation and illustration style they think will suit the product. Requesting an initial mood board is also an excellent way to know what creative output they can offer.

4. Know their process.

Animation is a long process and pretty standard across agencies. But it will be helpful to know any specific tools or software the agency offers to reduce delivery time without compromising quality. If you are commissioning the animation explainer video for the first time, it will be helpful for you to know the stages of the process and your role in the production. For a 60-second, good-quality 2D animation explainer video, the average delivery time is 3–4 weeks.

5. Inquire about the team.

Get to know who will be handling your animation video project and who will be your point of contact on this journey. Also, from storyboarding to scripting to illustration to animation, inquire about who will be working on what. Sometimes freelancers hired to work on company projects can delay the project and disrupt its quality. It's good to know the creative team behind the video so you can be sure that only the best is working on your project.

6. Be clear about revisions.

While making the animation video, there will be some back and forth with the production agency until you get the video right. Ask about how many changes and revisions the company provides and whether there is a cost to it.

7. Understand their demands and check their budget.

Ask about the orders they might have while working with you, compare their budget with other animation companies, and see if they are asking for the right money according to their work. Quality animation explainer videos tend to be higher, but consider the value the animation explainer company provides in their price.

8. Trust your gut instinct.

This checklist will help you narrow down a few good animation explainer companies. After all, hiring an animation company is always a better option than a freelancer. Once you have your final options, consider all the points above, and then make a decision by trusting your gut instinct.
Selecting an agency is like choosing a life partner. It takes time to get the right one, but that’s where the hard work ends. Once you have the right collaborator, the journey to create an animation explainer video can be thrilling and exciting. All you have to do is be clear about your expectations and then prioritize making the decision.
If you're looking to hire a studio for your next animation explainer video, meet the animation experts at Vaak to know which animation video is best for you and how you can choose the appropriate style for your product or service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose an explainer video company?
Consider their portfolio, client reviews, and pricing. Assess their communication and collaboration skills to ensure a smooth process.

How to hire an animation studio?
Research potential studios, review their work, check client testimonials, and inquire about their process and pricing before making a decision.

How do I choose an animation studio?
Evaluate their expertise, style, and ability to meet your project's specific needs. Consider their experience, portfolio, and client feedback.

How can I use an animated explainer video to market a company's product or service?
Utilize the video to concisely convey key information, showcase benefits, and create an engaging narrative that resonates with your target audience.

How long does it take for an animation company to complete a project?
The duration varies based on project complexity. Discuss timelines with the animation company, considering factors like script development, storyboard creation, animation, and revisions.

Vani Aggarwal is a writer, director, and producer. Creative entrepreneur @ Vaak. She has over 15 years of experience in filmmaking and digital video production. Expert in nonfiction and animation storytelling. Loves Errol Morris and Miyazaki equally.