How To Choose The Right Video Style For Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Ayush Aggarwal

2 January, 2024


Video content now dominates in the sprawling digital marketing space, where attention is the most valued form of money. Marketers from various industries agreed that this is an indispensable tool due to its remarkable ability to instantly grab attention, evoke emotions, and generate excitement. When it comes to video marketing, it's about more than just creating any video. The key is for marketers to determine the type of videos their target audience wants to see

Social Media Video Marketing
Today's consumer market is inundated with information, making it fast-paced yet challenging to capture and retain someone's attention. When created accurately, video content can be impactful and effectively communicate a message to the audience.

However, choosing the right video production services could be complicated when you have different types of videos and formatting options.

What is Video Style?

Video style is used in digital marketing to describe a particular video creation approach. It includes elements like visual design, storytelling techniques and the overall tone of the video. The goal is to make sure that the intended audience can easily understand the message being conveyed.

Social Media Videos

Following are some ways that help you to choose the right video style for your digital marketing campaign:
  • Understanding Your Campaign Goals

It is crucial to set your campaign goals before starting to create a video. Consider what you want to achieve with your video - 
  • Whether you want to communicate an idea, 
  • Showcase how products work
  • Share personal stories or have a narrative. 
Different video styles serve different objectives, so it is essential to define your goals to determine the appropriate type for your campaign.
  • Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are ideal for simplifying complex ideas or introducing a new product or service using short and engaging visuals. Production companies providing explainer videos can help in achieving these communication goals.
  • Product Demo Videos

A demo video is the most appropriate for demonstrating a product's features, functionality and unique selling points. Videos are essential because they give the audience a firsthand glimpse of how the products work in practice, making it easier for them to understand what is worth in the product.
  • Testimonials or Case Study Videos

Testimonials and case study videos involving real customer experiences are vital because they give confidence in one's brand.
  • Animated or Live Action Videos

Animations are flexible enough to permit creativity in telling a story and presenting abstract or complicated ideas. However, unlike real-time movies, animations are better suited for creating an emotional connection with viewers.
  • Knowing Your Audience

Firstly, it is critical to understand your target audience—however, different demographics like different kinds of videos. For example, millennials and Gen X respond to brief visual content. On the other hand, professionals may prefer detailed and informative videos.

  • Budget and Resources Allocation

When planning a video production, it is important to assess the available resources. Different styles of videos may require more expensive production costs, specialized expertise, and the involvement of video production service providers or explainer video production companies. Evaluating the budget and expected return on investment for each video style is crucial before deciding.
  • Consistency with brand identity and message

Your chosen video style must match your brand's identity and the intended message. In this case, an animated or humorous approach with a playful tone would suit a brand. Serious or professional brands, on the other hand, would prefer testimonial or live-action narration.
  • Tailoring for Distribution Platforms

There are different platforms for different types of content consumption. These short videos captivate users on social media platforms such as Instagram Stories, while longer, detailed articles may be suitable for YouTube and as a webinar on your site. How you style your video content for these platforms can do much more than influence your audience.

  • Testing and Analyzing Performance

Once you have produced and distributed a video, it is essential to analyze its performance. Metrics such as engagement, views, click-throughs and conversions can help determine which video style works best for your target audience. Conducting AB tests with different styles can further refine your approach based on real-time data.

Why Video Style?

Brand videos are a vital element of digital marketing since they greatly impact viewers' opinions, message clarification and user involvement. It represents the brand’s identity, recall and attention, by which it is recognized. A suitable style creates impactful communication that connects with the intended audience and cultivates emotions. Brands are distinguishable through platform adaptability and new trends leading to lasting impressions and high conversions. The uniformity of digital marketing efforts allows a specific brand to stick with its target audience, so video style adoption is important for achieving the right results.


Choosing the right type of video for your business requires careful consideration of various factors. These include 
  • your desired outcomes, 
  • target audience preferences, 
  • budget constraints, 
  • branding strategies and 
  • data insights. 
To ensure successful outcomes, it's advisable to collaborate with professional explainer video production companies or video production service providers. Working together allows you to easily manage this aspect and create engaging and compelling videos that meet your business objectives.

To create impactful digital campaign videos, marketers should experiment, adapt, and continually improve based on feedback and performance indicators.

Introducing such considerations into your decision-making allows you to leverage the power of video marketing, which will capture the attention of your target audience.

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Ayush is an Executive Producer at Vaak. He writes about Financial Services Marketing and Consumer Investment Preferences. He talks about how individuals and businesses make decisions related to finances and the strategies for Creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and informative content to educate such clients.