Top 7 explainer video examples that will inspire your marketing video

Vani Aggarwal

4 January, 2024

blog/arrows-2029158_960_720.webp Explainer videos are a great way to engage with your audience and explain complex concepts in a simple and memorable way. Here are a few examples of explainer videos that can inspire your own marketing video:

1. Dropbox as a marketing video

Dropbox is a cloud storage service that provides a convenient and efficient way to store, manage, and access files and documents. While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of explainer videos, Dropbox has created a number of informative and engaging explainer videos to showcase its services and help customers understand its benefits. One such example is the Dropbox "Getting Started" video, which provides an overview of the key features and functions of the platform. The video uses simple, clear language and appealing graphics to explain how Dropbox works and how it can help users manage their files and documents. Another example is the "Dropbox for Teams" video, which focuses on the benefits of using Dropbox for businesses and teams. The video highlights key features such as team collaboration, file sharing, and easy access to important documents, and explains how these benefits can help businesses increase productivity and efficiency. Overall, Dropbox's explainer videos are well-made and effective, using a combination of animation, narration, and clear messaging to help customers understand the value of the platform. They serve as an excellent example of how explainer videos can be used to effectively market a product or service, and could inspire other small businesses to create similar videos for their own marketing efforts.

2. Square as a marketing video

Square is a financial technology company that provides mobile payment and point-of-sale services. They have a highly informative and engaging explainer video that showcases the simplicity of their service and the benefits it offers to small businesses. The video features a series of animations and illustrations, combined with clear narration and text, to explain how Square works and how it can help businesses accept payments, manage inventory, and track sales. The video effectively communicates the value proposition of Square's services in a concise and memorable way, making it a great example of an inspiring marketing video.

3. Airbnb as a marketing video

Airbnb is a well-known online platform for booking unique and affordable travel accommodations. They have used explainer videos effectively to promote their brand and educate their audience about the benefits of using their service. For example, Airbnb has created short, animated explainer videos that showcase the variety of unique and affordable travel options available on their platform, such as private homes, apartments, treehouses, and even castles. These videos are engaging, informative, and effectively convey the value proposition of Airbnb. They also help to establish the company's brand personality, which is centered around adventure, affordability, and community. By using explainer videos in their marketing efforts, Airbnb has been able to reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness, while also making their service easier to understand and use.

4. Hubspot as a marketing video

Hubspot is a popular inbound marketing and sales platform that offers a wide range of tools for small and large businesses. The company has utilized explainer videos effectively in its marketing strategy to communicate the value and benefits of its products and services to potential customers. For example, Hubspot has created an animated explainer video to introduce its CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. The video showcases how the tool can help businesses manage their customer interactions and data in one place, streamline sales processes, and drive growth. The video uses simple animations and clear messaging to make a complex concept easy to understand. Hubspot's explainer videos are well-produced, engaging, and effective in communicating the company's value proposition. The videos have been instrumental in attracting new customers and increasing brand awareness for the company. If you're looking for inspiration for your own marketing explainer video, Hubspot is definitely a company worth checking out.

5. Wistia as a marketing video

Wistia is a video hosting and marketing platform that is well-known for its high-quality explainer videos. The company's explainer videos are engaging, informative, and visually appealing, making them an excellent source of inspiration for businesses looking to create their own marketing videos. Wistia's explainer videos typically feature a combination of animation, live-action footage, and motion graphics. They often use humor, storytelling, and clear messaging to communicate the benefits of their products and services to potential customers. Additionally, Wistia's explainer videos are well-optimized for search engines, making it easy for viewers to discover them online. Whether you're looking to create an animated video that breaks down complex concepts, or a live-action video that showcases your products and services, the explainer videos produced by Wistia can be a great source of inspiration for your own marketing video. By incorporating elements from Wistia's videos into your own content, you can help to ensure that your marketing videos are effective, engaging, and memorable.

6. Freshbooks as a marketing video

Freshbooks is a popular cloud-based accounting and invoicing software company that has effectively used explainer videos to help educate potential customers and promote its brand. One of the explainer videos produced by Freshbooks showcases the ease of use and benefits of its accounting software in a fun, simple and engaging manner. The video explains how Freshbooks can help small businesses manage their finances, from invoicing clients to tracking expenses, all in one place. The video uses colorful visuals, animation, and simple language to effectively convey the message, making it an excellent example for marketers looking to create their own explainer videos. Overall, Freshbooks' explainer videos serve as a great example of how a marketing video can be both informative and entertaining, while still effectively promoting a product or brand.

7. Mint as a marketing video

Mint is a personal finance software that helps users manage their finances and budget effectively. The company has utilized explainer videos effectively to showcase their product and educate potential customers. The explainer video provides a clear and concise overview of how Mint can help users take control of their finances. It uses a combination of animation, graphics, and narration to explain complex financial concepts in an easily digestible manner. This approach is both engaging and educational, which is why it's a great example for businesses looking to create a marketing video that inspires and informs. The video's use of animation and simple language helps to break down complex financial concepts and make them accessible to a wide audience. This is a great example of how explainer videos can be used to create a strong online presence and help businesses increase conversions and boost brand awareness.


These explainer video examples showcase the power of animation and storytelling to effectively communicate complex ideas and solutions. They demonstrate how explainer videos can be used to engage, educate, and motivate viewers, making them an essential tool for any business looking to boost their online presence and strengthen their marketing strategy. So what are you waiting for, speak to a Vaak Video Expert today to get your business an animation explainer video that will get you clients in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an explainer video in marketing?
An explainer video in marketing is a short, engaging clip that explains a product, service, or concept. It simplifies complex information, captures attention, and encourages viewer understanding, ultimately driving brand awareness and conversions.

What is a good explainer video?
A good explainer video is concise, clear, and visually compelling. It effectively communicates a message, solves a problem, and resonates with the target audience. Quality scripting, animation, and a strong call-to-action contribute to its success.

How do I promote my explainer video?
Promote your explainer video through social media, email marketing, and your website. Utilize targeted advertising, collaborate with influencers, and optimize for SEO. Engage with your audience through comments and shares to boost visibility.

What are the different types of animated explainer videos?
Different types of animated explainer videos include 2D animation, 3D animation, whiteboard animation, motion graphics, and stop-motion. Each style has unique characteristics suited for specific content and target audiences.

What key elements make an explainer video stand out in marketing campaigns?
An explainer video stands out with a compelling narrative, strong visuals, and a memorable script. Incorporate humor, relatable scenarios, and a solution-driven approach. Ensure a clear call-to-action to prompt viewer engagement and conversion.

Vani Aggarwal is a writer, director, and producer. Creative entrepreneur @ Vaak. She has over 15 years of experience in filmmaking and digital video production. Expert in nonfiction and animation storytelling. Loves Errol Morris and Miyazaki equally.